Days ago the President of the Nation announced the so-called “war against inflation”, which promotes a series of measures that try to control the rise in prices. Some of the most recent are the rise in withholdings, intersectoral social agreement tables, a stabilizing fund and the drop in the price of certain foods to the value of March 10.

In this context, the Córdoba Stock Exchange issued a statement in which it disagrees with the measures implemented by the authorities.

“The BCC considers it a conceptual error to try to resolve the worrying inflationary process with anachronistic measures that have repeatedly failed, such as price controls and restrictions on exports. These measures, which do not respect the basic freedoms of the exercise of economic activity, discourage private investment as they affect confidence and predictability in the productive sector”, begins the message from the entity

Then, in defense of the businessmen, he clarifies that they are not responsible for inflation, but “on the contrary, inflation makes it difficult to
production since they are forced to take measures to protect the stocks and assets of their companies to avoid an inexorable decapitalization”

To conclude, he concludes that “the fundamental cause of inflation in our country is the fiscal deficit and the monetary issue necessary to finance it. It is time for the government to understand and take charge of this situation.”