The Córdoba University Games 2022 (JUC) will be held in the first days of July, organized by the Provincial University of Córdoba and the Córdoba Sports Agency. Students from more than 30 university and higher level institutions from the entire province of Córdoba will participate in the event, who will star in three days with games, reunions and university sports.

The activities will take place in the facilities of the Ipef Physical Education Faculty and the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium. Pre-registration to participate will remain open until June 19.

The sports disciplines of this 2022 edition are: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Adapted Swimming, Handball, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Athletics, Adapted Athletics, Chess, Futsal, Table Tennis and Adapted Table Tennis.

In addition, as of 2019, the categories Teachers, Workers, Retirees and Graduates in Swimming and Tennis were incorporated. For more information click here and to pre-register, enter here.