He Center for Warehousemen and Retailers of the Province of Córdoba, released its monthly estimate, prepared by the Department of Statistics and Trends.

The “Economic and Social Report” of the entity indicated that the inflation registered in the month of June 2023 was 7.18 percent. While the accumulated inflation during the first half of 2023 reached 53.2 percent, and year-on-year inflation at 124.3 percent. The projection for the end of the year implies an increase of 136%.

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The Total Basic Basket, which determines the poverty line for a family of four members, was $248,018. On the other hand, the same family model needed $136,174 to overcome the poverty line. And regarding the Basic Food Basket for a typical family of four members (line of indigence), in June its value amounted to $136,174.

The foods that increased the most during May were Coffee (25.5%), Cream Cheese (22.8%), Butter (12.3%) and Dry Noodles (11.4%). on the other hand, the studies of the Center of almaceneros indicated that in June 2023 the 47.3% of households could not access all the foods that make up the Basic Food Basket (CBA).