According to what was analyzed by the North Market, making a barbecue for ten people with beef, salad, drinks and dessert had a cost of $8,510 during the past month, that is to say $851 per person. In this context, the barbecue last month had an increase above inflation.

With this final cost, the Roasted Index had an increase of 6.3% in April compared to March, which is equivalent to 0.3% more than the inflation at the country level measured by the INDEC and 1% above the cost of life in Córdoba measured by the Provincial Statistics Directorate.

In the case of the roast prepared with beef “the cost was $10,271 also for 10 people; and with pork, at $7,785, while to prepare grilled chicken for ten people the cost was $4,740 .

The North Market report clarifies that “in all cases, the final values ​​were calculated including the cost of meat, coal, vegetables and eggs for salads, drinks (wine and soft drinks) and dessert (ice cream). or fruits).