The new month arrived with news that made thousands of fans happy: Cosquín Rock already has a date for next summer. February 18 and 19 are the confirmed days for the classic festival that has been going on for more than 20 years.

The Santa María de Punilla Aerodrome will receive the “manijeros” with an edition that already anticipates novelties. “See you on your vacations and with friends. See you in music, stories and meetings. See you in the new scenario and in the usual ones. See you in taking care of the one you have next to you. See you in the respect and diversity. See you in rock, pop, rap or electronic music. See you in coexistence, inclusion and nature,” the organizers said.

This new date also brings a look renewed in the graphic of the event. Far from the classic red, white and black logo, this time a logo that evokes diversity was chosen: a symbol of peace painted in many colors.

Another novelty that does not have too many details is that of the “new scenario” that is added to “the usual ones”. This is the second time that the mega event has been organized after the pandemic.