In the most recent report from the Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of the province of Córdoba, it was indicated that during the month of March, the cost of construction rose 4.74% compared to the previous month. This reveals a slowdown of more than two points compared to the previous report, when it had shown an increase of almost six points during February of this year.

Regarding the interannual value, the figure indicates that there was an inflation in the Construction Cost Index (ICC) of 98.64% in relation to March 2022. Likewise, the cost of the square meter assumed a value of $136,273.5 .

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As the graph released by the entity indicates, what increased the most in the third month in the province was the “Various” item (with 30.7%), which includes everything that is not included in “Materials” (which increased by 5.4%) and “Manpower” (which increased by 2.45%), such as logistics, transportation, budgets, services, among others.