Netflix makes a strong bet on its platform, it is a film that will explore the fantasy genre and will have its premiere on November 18. It will star American actor Jason Momoa alongside Marlow Barkley. We are talking about “Dreamland”, a story that tells the life of a girl named Nemo, who discovers a map to a fantasy world and, with the help of an eccentric companion, Flip, embarks on an incredible adventure through places never seen before.

After Nemo’s (Barkley) father, Peter (Kyle Chandler), is lost at sea, the girl’s quiet life in the Pacific is turned upside down when she is sent to live in the city with her well-meaning but very weird Uncle Phillip (Chris O’Dowd). During the day, Nemo must adjust to his school and his new routine, but at night, a secret map to the fantastical world of Dreamland connects her with Flip (Momoa), a slightly rough but lovable outlaw, who soon finds himself becomes his companion and guide, ”says the official synopsis.

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In the story Nemo and Flip will unite their lives to travel together a path in which they will have to face numerous nightmares. The young woman is hopeful that she will be able to meet her father again, despite some suspicions that the man may have died in the ocean. In the process, Flip will become like a father to the girl in whom she can confide her fears.

Watch the trailer here: