The Supreme Court, with the signature of three of its ministers, ordered that the new Council of the Judiciary of twenty members begin to function “immediately” with the presidency in charge of the head of the highest court, Horacio Rosatti.

“As of the issuance of this decision, the Council of the Judiciary of the Nation must continue to function immediately and fully in accordance with the guidelines established by the Court in its final judgment of December 16, 2021,” the resolution stated. , which bears the signature of Rosatti himself plus that of his peers Juan Carlos Maqueda and Carlos Rosenkrantz.

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Regarding the new members elected by judges and lawyers, the resolution provides that they be sworn in, a rigorous procedure that must be carried out by the Court itself. With this decision, the Court advances in the fulfillment of its agreement of last December despite criticism from Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Justice Minister Martín Soria, Council President Alberto Lugones himself and numerous leaders and parliamentarians from the ruling party. .