In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation revoked on Tuesday the ruling of the Civil Chamber that gave rise to Natalia Denegri’s request about not associating her name in internet searches with the Cóppola case.

The woman had invoked the figure of “right to be forgotten”, however, the Supreme Court highlighted the importance of the right to information and freedom of expression. The judges referred not only to the right of people to broadcast and express thought, but also as the social right to information in a democratic State.

According to the members of the Court, the passage of time regarding a piece of news is not a sufficient reason to eliminate it, even when it means something offensive by today’s standards.

They also added that the fact that it is unpleasant information is not a valid argument to request the suppression of content. Otherwise, everything would remain in the hands of subjectivity in terms of tastes or sensitivities of the court, opening the door to arbitrariness and weakening the protection of expression.