Next Sunday, May 29, Córdoba will have the “City of Córdoba Cycling Tour 22”, a mega event that will be attended by participants from all over the country. It will have routes of 100 km, 66 km and 33 km in female and male categories for federated and non-federated athletes.

A noteworthy fact in the framework of this sporting event is that both the trophies and the medals that are delivered to all the participants are made with plastic caps and leftovers from industry from the different Green Centers managed by Ente Córdoba Obras y Servicios. (COyS).

It is worth mentioning that the entire medal is made with plastic from the Green Centers administered by the Municipality. Between 6 and 8 caps are used to make each prize.

In total, there are 15,000 units for which 217.5 kg of recycled plastic were used and to date it is the largest number of recycled medals delivered by the Municipality.