The national deputy decided not to go to any media the day after the elections, but instead made a video for his social networks about his “learning about the municipal elections” last Sunday, July 23.

The lengthy video shares views on the handling of the elections, the campaigns and the results. The former mayoral candidate for the city of Córdoba published the video accompanied by the text “My learning of the election.”

“I tried to thank all the people who worked, the candidates. I particularly thanked the almost 300,000 Cordovans who trusted our proposal, our view of the city. 40% of Cordoba is a lot and it is our commitment to live up to the responsibilities “

“Regarding the explanation of the results, in my case I tend to think that there is a set of variables that each one gravitates in a greater or lesser way. And in that sense, there are four relevant factors that I take as learning the result.”

“47% supported the current management of the municipality.”

“The message of working jointly between the Governor and the Mayor was efficient, but I cannot stop saying that, as it was expressed, it is highly reprehensible because it sounded almost like grunted extortion with a correct institutional practice. The jurisdictions are autonomous and have the obligation to coexist constructively with each other.”

“Stating that no fines would be applied to non-participation is illegal”

“The negative campaign by government candidates is a very serious problem in a post-truth context”

“Negative campaigns have three objectives: to create a disincentive to participation. (…) I confess that they succeeded.”

“The second objective of the negative campaign is to affect the psychology of the candidate. It affected me.”

“The third objective is for people to believe that the accusations are valid.”

“I am a decent guy. I am convinced that the insults did not weigh”

“Our list was put together 100% with people without any prior records. Looking for a relative or partner with an unresolved cause is treacherous. Obviously, corresponding legal actions will be taken against those who caused this damage.”

“My special thanks to the journalists who had the courage to point out these outrages.”

“I wish success to the next manager. The functionality of the city depends on him.”

Rodrigo de Loredo.