By Ernestina Marzi

Cordoban theater continues to surprise spectators who choose to enjoy themselves with the alternatives offered by small local theaters. The casts that he brings together, the ideas that he disarms, and the creativity that floods him, are the main attractions in these works that never cease to amaze in each of their performances.

“The day Jorge couldn’t send an email” recreates with absolute imagination what is exposed by the Chaos Theory and its Butterfly Effect. What happens if instead of A happening, B happens, and that inadvertently changes the life of another person? How many people does my brief and innocent negligence affect? Do I have less guilt if I ruined someone else’s day but I don’t know about it?

This fantastic theatrical piece goes through these and many more questions in a non-linear way, without stopping creating so many others and leaving various questions unanswered. Because, after all, we are that, right? Doubts, questions, claims, answers. But with few certainties.

In the words of the director Lucía Argañaraz, “it is a work that is loaded with a lot: acrobatics, dance, comedy scenes, more reflective… a little of everything. It is very funny. Since Jorge cannot send that email multiple situations are triggered”. For his part, Agustín Bazán, one of the actors, celebrated the premiere that took place on Sunday, October 2, pointing out that expectations were exceeded both in public and artistically: “The work sees the light after a year and a half of trial”.

Directed by Lucía Argañaraz, and starring Agustín Bazán, Cecilia Matta, Marcelo Blanchard and Sofia Saul, “The day Jorge couldn’t send an email” is repeated every Sunday in October from 8:30 p.m. in Sala Quinto Deva (Pasaje Agustín Pérez 10, B° Alta Córdoba. The ticket has a value of $1,000 and can be obtained at