This Saturday, May 6 at midnight, the deadline for the presentation of candidacies of alliances and political parties that will compete in the provincial elections of Córdoba, which will take place on June 25, expires. Uncertainty hangs over who will be the running mates of the main candidates for the governorship, especially that of the candidate Luis Juez, who until now has not revealed who will accompany him in the next elections.

As for the remaining candidates for governor, in recent days the formula of several parties was known, including that of Martín Llaryora, who announced that his partner will be the radical Myrian Prunotto. For its part, the Cordoba Kirchnerism will present Federico Alesandri as a candidate for governor, accompanied by Gabriela Estévez as vice. For the Workers’ Left Front-Unit (FITU) Liliana Olivero will go as a candidate for governor, seconded by Soledad Díaz García.

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Other political forces that will compete in the provincial elections include the Liberal Democratic Development Front, which presents Rodolfo Eiben as a candidate for governor, and La Libertad Avanza, which leads businessman Agustín Spaccesi. Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting postulates Aurelio García Elorrio and María Rosa Marcone as gubernatorial candidates, while Nuevo Mas presents Julia Di Santi and the Humanist Party takes Fernando Schüle as gubernatorial candidates.