The series that has caused a furor on the Netflix platform confirmed some time ago that it would have its fifth season, we are talking about ‘A place to dream’. Although it is not among one of the best series on the platform, or one of the series with the most investment, it is one of the most popular and every time it premieres a new season it causes a sensation among users.

Next we are going to review everything that is known so far about season 5. The fifth part will pick up the story where it left off at the end of the fourth, when Mel and Jack finally got engaged, also confirming that Jack is the biological father of their daughter and in this way they put an end to all the problems with the custody of the girl.

Also, Jack discovers Charmaine’s lie about her twins, a plot that shocked all fans of the series. In this way, Netflix added a little more drama to the saga, which was strongly criticized by its followers regarding the time it took for the series to generate a topic of interest and to break with what was being seen.

On the other hand, it will also show how they deal with the revelation that Denny has Huntington’s disease, which will undoubtedly affect his grandfather, Doctor Vernon, as well. And we will have to wait to see how the conflict between Brie, Jack’s sister, and her ex in everything related to rape.

Fans of A place to Dream will have to wait until at least 2023 to see season 5. Which will be divided into 12 chapters, and so far it is unknown if it will be its last season.