The woman who was the protagonist of hundreds of memes on social networks for her unusual mistake in the tattoo in tribute to “Dibu” Martínez fixed it but it is still a trend.

It all started when he uploaded his tattoo after making a promise if the Argentine team was world champion. When this had happened, the woman had to comply and she put on her right shoulder blade two goalkeeper gloves next to a flag, the famous phrase “look what I eat”, the three stars and a particular name.

The tattoo read “Dibu” Fernández instead of Martínez and users of social networks were quick to make memes such as the President of the Nation saving a penalty or even the journalist “Tití” wearing a T-shirt.

“It hurt, but I finally have you, promises are kept. I drew Fernández forever in my skin ”, he had written on his social networks.

Over the days, the commotion was so great that the woman decided to hide the mistake, but even so, many maintain that it was worse than it was. To erase it, she put the silhouette of the goalkeeper saving a penalty above the name and the well-written name above the gloves: “Dibu” Martínez.

Despite the fact that he corrected the error, many say that it will be one of the most remembered memes of Argentina Champion added to other tattoos that did not remain as the true image.