Despite the loss of Netflix users, it continues to be one of the most viewed streaming platforms in the world. In addition, the app has thought about each of its users, which is why it has designed a unique plan for each of them. In this note we tell you all the Netflix rates, looking at their characteristics and the advantages and disadvantages they have:

Basic rate with ads

It is the cheapest plan. Allows you to view content in HD quality (720p) on a single device. In this plan advertising appears from time to time, both at the beginning and at the end as well as during viewing. This plan also does not allow you to access the entire Netflix catalog. It also does not have offline downloads to view content without an Internet connection.

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Basic plan

It is similar to the previous one, although a little more expensive and with some additional features. The basic Netflix plan allows you to watch and download content in 720p HD quality on one device. In this case, no advertising is displayed and access to the catalog is unlimited.

standard plan

The standard plan allows multiple devices to simultaneously view, as well as download content, on a maximum of two. It does not show ads during playback and the quality is Full HD. Access to the catalog is unlimited and has no restrictions of any kind.

premium plan

It is the most expensive rate of all. It has a unique quality: UHD. The number of simultaneous devices for downloading and viewing is four and it is ad-free. It also offers access to all the movies and series available on Netflix.