It is very common for pet owners, especially dogs, to use the veterinary grooming service to give their furry friends a better appearance.

Sabri, a user of the TikTok social network (@sabraam20), is very active in showing how her kitty, Nala, gets along with her dog sister, More. That is why the young woman climbed on that platform to return the dog from her hairdresser to her house. But there she was not received by the feline as expected, since Nala ran away very scared when she met More.

“We came back from the hairdresser with More and not even the cat recognized her”, Sabri had written at the bottom of the video that already has more than 2 million views. There you can see how, when both pets met, the kitten ran off in terror and quickly climbed onto the counter, causing the dog to cry and bereaved, who looked at her in bewilderment from the floor.

Users were quick to comment, noting, for example, that “It’s not because of the haircut, it’s because of the shampoos and perfumes that they use in animal groomers, you just don’t perceive their usual smell“. Others spoke of the sadness generated by seeing More suffer because her friend does not want to go down to play with her. “The broken heart of the dog not to be recognized”; “My son when his father cut his beard”; “That cat has no smell”, among other messages.