The blue dollar began this Friday with a rise of three pesos to $496, to then end the day at $495. In this way, he was thus on the verge of his record level. In Cordovaoffered to $501.

The rise occurs amid the political noise that prints the closing of lists for the next elections. In this way, he accumulated $3 in advance on the week and approached his all-time high of $497.

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He MEP dollar showed an advance to $485.54, while the Cash with Liquidation (CCL) fell to $478.73, moving away from the $502 with which it closed the day before. The official devaluation was 0.47% and the price was $265.68. Consequently, the dollar savings traded at $438.37.

Among the exchange rates that apply to expenses abroad, with debit and credit cards of more than US$300 per month per person, the qatar dollar has a cost of $531.36 while the tourist or card for expenses below that ceiling it was $485.54. For his part, he dollar wholesaler it advanced to $253.30 and the Banco Nación’s price is $263.50. He central bank sold US$85 million and reserves were US$31,453.