The Ministry of Health reported that in the last week 475 new cases of dengue were added. so far the 22/23 season, 6,672 cases have been reported, 152 imported and 6520 autochthonous. Like the national situation, the downward trend in the number of cases is sustained.

With respect to autochthonous cases, the capital city concentrates 77.7%; while 22.1% correspond to localities in the interior, and the rest are linked to other provinces. In the last week, No new neighborhoods registering cases of dengue were added in Córdoba Capital, and the 381 reported in the previous room are upheld.

Insidethere are 112 towns in 22 departments that reported at least one case of autochthonous or imported dengue. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that Sebastián Elcano (Río Seco), Los Cóndores (Calamuchita) and Santa Cruz del Lago (Punilla), reported their first autochthonous case of dengue; and an increase in the number of cases was observed in Villa Sarmiento (San Alberto). The localities with the highest incidence by number of inhabitants continue to be Córdoba, Miramar, Los Cerrillos and La Para.

The group from 15 to 44 years continues with a higher concentration of cases; while, with respect to the care received, from the total autochthonous cases, 93% received outpatient treatment and 3% required hospitalization. With respect to the situation of chikungunya, the province reached 165 cases, 14 imported and 151 autochthonous. Of the latter, La Calera and Morteros register the largest number of notifications. So far this season, the641 blockades carried out, 470 in the capital and 171 in the interior, with 109,468 homes visited.

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