Two months ago it was reported that a group from Coniferal collided with a police station on the 24 de Septiembre bridge, presumably because the driver had been distracted using the cell phone. A few days ago, a crash was reported between another bus from the same company and a motorcycle in B° Las Palmas, an accident after which the motorcyclist was hospitalized with serious injuries. It turned out that the driver of both accidents is the same.

The data was confirmed by the prosecutor Garzón, who is at the head of the judicial investigation against the bus driver of line 60. Today the driver is detained, and he is charged with “minor negligent injuries” for the first incident. . He must continue to be deprived of his freedom to guarantee the procedural steps of the case, said judicial sources.

The crash tests in General Paz determined that he was not driving drunk or under the influence of any substance, so the investigation pointed to some mechanical failure in the bus or some distraction on the part of the driver. In that sense, his cell phone was seized to determine if he was using it while driving.

For his part, in the second accident the one who took the worst part was the driver of the smaller vehicle. He is currently hospitalized with reserved status in a Cordovan hospital, after suffering severe head trauma and an exposed ankle fracture.

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With information from: Cba24N