Viviana Canosa targeted Calu Rivero after the rumors that the journalist Diego Esteves spewed in A la afternoon, and which claimed that the actress had asked her partner for a sum of money to marry him.

According to Esteves Calu, he would have told him “I have a residence in another country (Uruguay), which is not mine, give me a green stick and we will get married. You immediately obtain citizenship and get rid of the quilombos you have.” According to the journalist, that was the reason why the wedding was canceled and her partner left her.

“Calu Rivero asked her boyfriend for a million dollars to get married. He refused and the relationship ended. You see how different I am, Viviana Canosa, ‘celeste’, to this famous ‘green’. Because you heard right, I He asked the kid for a green stick to get married,” said the host on her program on A24.

And he added a controversial phrase: “It is the closest thing to prostitution that I have seen in my life. If you want to marry me, a green stick.”

Then Canosa stated that the actress was not known for her career. “She did not become famous for being a great actress, on the contrary, she is a green actress who became famous, or more famous, for defending Thelma Fardin. She has no idea what happened to Thelma and this actor “, he lashed out.

Finally, the driver closed with a controversial phrase: “How am I going to believe a mine who says what she says about Darthés, if she asks a guy she is supposedly going to marry, a green stick? Everything is silver “.