As of this Monday, the elimination of the proof of life process for retirees, pensioners and holders of non-contributory pensions is official, as of the promulgation and sanction of Law 27,721. Thus, the aforementioned beneficiaries are exempted from the obligation to present the declaration of survival to banks and the ANSES.

The regulation establishes that the beneficiaries of retirement and pensions of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) and of the Non-contributory Pension System they are exempted from the obligation to present the declaration of survival or proof of life, as well as any complementary procedure for the same purpose, leaving without effect any demonstration of subsistence by the beneficiary as a condition for the collection of their salaries and other social security benefits.

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In addition, the assets or social security benefits that make up the SIPA, such as those included in the Non-Contributory Pension System in charge of the ANSES They will not require, in any case, the performance of any deliberate action by the beneficiary or proxy to prove survival. With this regulation, entities that make retirement and pension payments have the obligation to render as unpaid the funds paid after the date of death of the person who is the holder of the benefit.

For its part, the ANSeS was empowered to issue the explanatory and complementary regulations relevant to the law. The promulgation decree bears the signatures of President Alberto Fernández, the Chief of Staff Agustín Rossi and the Minister of Labor Raquel Kismer de Olmos.

Source: NA