The vice mayor of the city of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini led the signing of the Hospital Unit Management Agreement for Organ and Tissue Procurement with INCUCAI.

The event took place starting at 11 a.m. at the hospital, located at Catamarca 441, with the presence of municipal and provincial officials and government authorities. INCUCAI and ECODAIC.

He INCUCAI provide technical and financial assistance to the establishment through the procure programwhich seeks to increase the availability of organs and tissues for patients.

passerini indicated that this agreement will serve to “promote the admission of donors to the organ ablation and transplantation system”. Fundamentally, this union allows the Ministry of Health of the Nation through the program INCUCAI allocate more resources to “investment in equipment and human resources so that five hospitals in the country, one of them the Emergency Hospital, are reference centers to improve quantity and quality”he assured.

He also indicated that this is “a great recognition to the work of the Hospital, in which during the year 80, the first ablation was performed where Dr. Lacombe was present, who was the surgeon who intervened in this procedure”.

The vice mayor specified that this is the best way to preserve life and guarantee its prolongation. “When an organ transplant is needed, making them available at the time they are needed is a very difficult decision but, with the entire system organized, as it will improve from today, it will be much easier and much more accessible.

He also indicated that thanks to the justine law there is greater visibility of the problem, and there is more awareness about organ donation. “The most important thing is that the Health System is prepared for the time to dispose of the organs, perform the ablation, the entire transport procedure and that they arrive at the place. There is a waiting list throughout the country, but the best way is what we’ve done here today to make the system work quickly and effectively, and obviously more and more frequently,” ended.