Pablo Giralt had the luck that few journalists have, managing to have a heads up, nothing more and nothing less, than with Lionel Messi. The note had a great impact due to a peculiarity that the talk had at the end, when the communicator was totally moved and could not help but be moved to tears.

“The only thing I wish you is that you are very happy, very happy, that you always do very well in life, you deserve it, I have a deep admiration for you”, Giralt even said before he was overcome with emotion. Then there was a long silence while Messi just looked at him with a smile and without being able to fully understand what was happening to the journalist, almost without believing that someone can get so emotional just by talking to him.

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Then the journalist finished the sentence and said: “I am a kid from Venado Tuerto who dreamed all his life of doing this.”, and there yes, Messi threw himself with his back to the armchair almost without being able to believe what he could generate. “Thank you very much, I am excited to be able to reach people like this, I am also grateful for the love I received throughout my career,” answered the ten of the Argentine National Team.

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