The second edition of the awards of the Chamber of the Show Industry and Related to the music of Córdoba (CIEyA), took place in the Córdoba Legislature, where the artists were distinguished for their work during the year 2021. During the ceremony, several Cordovan artists were recognized, especially those of the quartet genre.

Undoubtedly the most awaited moment was the award ceremony for the Artist of the Year, Singers of all musical genres participated in the shortlist. But the prize went to the idol of the quartet: ulysses good. Betty Olavethe artist’s mother was in charge of receiving the statuette and took advantage of the moment to give a brief speech to send a message to her two sons: Ulises and Rodrigo.

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“The truth is that this surprises me a lot because in reality being the best artist of the year with so much sacrifice that my children had to achieve this, Rodrigo could not achieve it, for that reason I thank all of you for this award”Betty said. She also considered herself deserving of the award for the passion she has for music which she has shared with her children: “The one who deserves it with all my heart is me, because I love music, I love all the rhythms and I carry it in my soul”he concluded.

During the ceremony, La Konga was the most awarded band of the quartet, the natives of Villa Dolores took the statuettes for best song of the year with Parallel Universe, band of the year and the award for artist or quartet band of the year, shortlist in which he beat Magui Olave, Ulises Bueno, Monada and Q’ Lokura.