While speaking at the act of the Confederation of Industrial Unions of the Argentine Republic (CSIRA), within the framework of the 77th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Mechanics and Allied Automotive Transport, SMATA Headquarters, President Alberto Fernández attacked once again against former president Mauricio Macri.

“Let’s not forget that we must be united. He who said ‘all united we will succeed’ is right. Because when they divided us, (Mauricio) Macri won,” he emphasized vehemently. “Let us also remember that the enemies are not among us, the enemies are there, they are the ones who plunged Argentina into the misfortune that we saw and that we remember today. That a colleague presents a dissidence is not a problem, because deep down we all want the same. Let’s start raising our voices.”

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Highlighting the most recent measures taken by the national executive, Fernández questioned the economic policies of the Together for Change administration and highlighted the recovery of real wages and employment achieved by the National Government after the pandemic.

For his part, the president recalled the criticism of the health policies of sectors led by opposition leaders in full quarantine. “Days ago, the WHO gave the results of how the pandemic was treated in the world, we are among the best in the world, among the countries that best faced the problem of the pandemic,” he replied while blaming the media for ” intoxicated the heads of the Argentines” and “sow discouragement”.

“Here in Argentina, those of us who stayed put our chests to the pandemic and with what we had we made the necessary effort so that no Argentine was left without medical care,” Fernández shot.

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