While participating in the inauguration of Hotel 6 of the Chapadmalal Tourist Unit, President Alberto Fernández announced the payment of an extraordinary bonus in the amount of $11,000 for beneficiaries of the Ministry of Social Development’s Empower Work program.

According to reports, the payment will be settled on Friday, August 5, together with the monthly credit of $22,770. “On August 5 we are going to pay the mid-year bonus to all those who receive Empower Work and we are going to help them cope with their problems,” said the president.

In turn, Fernández took the floor to once again criticize sectors that “speculate” with “a devaluation to sell what they have to sell and bring in dollars”: “In very difficult times, where we fight against those who continue to believe that distribution should not be done equally, those who continue to promote individualism, those who continue to believe in meritocracy, those who continue to say this is my chance to win and I have the right to earn what I want even if the rest suffer. all of them fought Eva, and all of them are present”.

And he added: “They are the ones who speculate, the ones who speculate on prices, the ones who cause merchandise to be lacking, speculating that prices will rise, they are the ones who manipulate supermarket prices, the ones who promote inflation by making people feel that currency is going to devalue, those who wait for a moment in which Argentina weakens to sell what they have to sell when Argentina needs it to continue producing, to continue providing jobs”.

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