This Thursday the opening of the exhibition displayed in the Plaza de la Compañía de Jesús at the intersection of Obispo Trejo and Caseros streets was finalized.

In the sample, products and crafts made by inmates housed in prisons in the Province are sold, which will be on display until Saturday inclusive.

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rightsthrough its Secretariat of Organization and Penitentiary Management and of the Penitentiary Service of Córdoba and was headed by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Laura Echenique.

The exhibited works are carried out in the different penitentiary workshops of carpentry, blacksmithing, sewing, upholstery and wickerwork.

The work constitutes a right and a duty of the inmate and its primary purpose is the generation of work habits, training and creativity.

The sample seeks to reflect growth, training and job training of persons deprived of their liberty, constituting the commitment to their social inclusion and is a testimony of the work that inmates carry out on a daily basis, which is one of the fundamental bases of penitentiary treatment for their subsequent social reinsertion.