On April 13, ‘The Exorcist of the Pope’, a film starring Russell Crowe, will be released. The film deals with the life of Father Gabriele Amorth, known as the Vatican’s chief exorcist, and is inspired by the actual files left behind by the priest in which he confesses to having carried out more than 100,000 exorcisms in his lifetime.

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Who was the father Gabriele Amorth

Amorth was an Italian exorcist known for having performed around 30,000 exorcisms. It is known that he worked around the same time as famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (of The Conjuring franchise), and he passed away in 2016.

The priest is the author of numerous books on exorcism, which do not count as official documents of the Catholic Church. The books use eyewitness accounts and personal experiences. In this regard, there is already a documentary entitled The Devil and Father Amorth (2017), created and directed by William Friedkin, currently available on Google Play.

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