Facebook returns to the eye of the hurricane after the recent statements of an employee who was fired from the company a short time ago. The subject affirms that the mobile app of the social network drains the battery of cell phones consciously and intentionally randomly, in order to carry out different tests and tests.

George Hayward directly accuses the company of practices of dubious legality, including deliberately discharging phone batteries. In addition, he assures that both the Facebook app and the Messenger app have this ability to quickly drain the battery of a device, and that this procedure is called internally ‘Negative Test’.

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The subject denounced the company in the Federal Court of Manhattan, the lawsuit is based on the fact that these tests could affect thousands of users, preventing them from having access to their phone when they need it most, something that could put them in danger in situations of potential risk. . Attorney Dan Kaiser claimed that this practice “is illegal” and expressed that it is “outrageous that someone can tamper with my phone and drain its battery.”