A new edition of the Sports Festival was held in Villa Carlos Paz with the delivery of the Falucho Awards. The 32nd edition of the “Falucho Awards” was held last Friday night in the Municipal Gardens and each nominated athlete in their respective discipline was honored.

In total, there were 62 awarded activities, in addition to several recognitions and special mentions that the organization in charge of the local municipality and the Association of Sports Journalists delivered.
winners of the Sports Festival 2022:

-Bruno Zapelli, The footballer was promoted to the First Division together with Belgrano

-The one chosen as the second best Carlospace athlete of the year was Bianca Garibaldi, a volleyball player who had her sports beginnings in the Fishing Club and continued them in the Municipality of CĂłrdoba.

The Special distinctions were for Claudio Gallo (Deaf Basketball) and Roberto Germanetto.