On December 18, Lali Espósito lived a unique moment in Qatar. The singer was the artist chosen to sing the national anthem in the world final match between the Argentine team and the French team. The truth is that when Lali finished her presentation on the field of the Lusail stadium, the singer was in the stands with Marley to experience the game.

However, when Argentina reached the penalty shootout, the artist experienced an uncomfortable moment from an Argentine fan who took her by the waist and leaned on her. The images quickly went viral on social networks and users began to talk about a situation of harassment in which Lali was a victim.

Upon arrival in the country, Lali was consulted about this fact, but she did not want to delve into the subject and only dared to say: “We repudiate what we see every day, not just what they do to a Lali Esposito in a viral video. If we see what happens in the bondi, let’s also disown that person.”

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In the last few hours Angel De Brito, He told his program that the singer had forwarded him a message that the boy in question wrote to him through social networks to explain the situation that had occurred in the Doha stadium. In it, the young man claimed that he had lost his balance, which made him fall forward, which is why he grabbed her. In addition, the young man stated that she is having a hard time because of the things that are being said about him on the networks.

“I also want to clarify that there is a guy in the networks called Mariano Diaz, who claims to be the person who was behind you and who touched you on purpose, he is even proud of having done it, I don’t know that person and I don’t know why he says such a barbaric thing, I don’t even know if it’s his real name. I repeat that the person in the video is me and I never had any bad intentions and I am involved in an unpleasant situation and unfortunately, “the subject wrote to the singer.