Within the framework of the eighth edition of the “One City for All Peoples” Festival, organized by the Municipality of Córdoba, the mobile of Canal C spoke with Rodrigo Ceballos Bisso, General Director of International Relations of the municipality and representatives of different communities to learn more about this proposal.

“We are very happy to be organizing this eighth edition of the Festival “One city, all towns” which takes place in Concepción Arenales and Nores Martínez from Thursday to Sunday, Thursday and Friday from 6 pm to 12 pm and Saturday and Sunday until 12 midnight”.

“We offer the best Greek products to share and enjoy” and “make our gastronomic movement known” said one of the women who represents the Greek community.

“The best thing about this type of festival is interculturality, and giving people the chance to let us know if they want it,” said another of the women attending the Festival who also participates in one of the groups of dance.

How could it be otherwise, the Italian community is one of the most visited stands, where you can taste rice bombs, homemade pizza among other delicacies.

It is worth mentioning that on this occasion the vote will be held for the best typical clothing, the best artistic show and the best gastronomy, through the vote of the people who attend any of the four days of the festival.

Report Nacho Cadario