The Liaison Table continues with the preparations for the cessation of trading next Wednesday against the Government’s economic policy. The force measure focuses on the protest for the lack of diesel, tax pressure, withholdings and problems in the importation of fertilizers, among other sectoral claims.

The total cessation of grain and farm marketing and the day of protest will consist of concentrations in the provinces, along the roads, but will not include roadblocks.

The protest will constitute the first opposition demonstration of the field of the year diagrammed by the Liaison Table made up of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA) and the Agricultural Intercooperative Confederation (Coninagro).

Until now the only dissenting voice was that of the Rural Society of Córdoba, its vice president Sebastián Trossero, confirmed that the entity does not adhere to Wednesday’s strike. “The Rural Society of Córdoba does not adhere to the strike on Wednesday because we made a different decision in the Board of Directors, through dialogue and consensus. It is not the time nor are the conditions that joining the strike would imply,” said Trossero in dialogue with FM La Patriada .