The leaders of the Agricultural Liaison Commission launched a protest for next July 13 due to the lack of diesel in almost the entire country. The agrarian entities also demanded “solutions” in the face of “high inflation, the double exchange rate and the obstacles to obtaining imported inputs.”

“Access to diesel and fertilizers is urgent to avoid a total paralysis of the productive apparatus. It is also necessary that there be fewer harmful interventions, that public spending be lowered and that the energy crisis be put to an end for all this to be able to make it possible”, the Commission noted.

The Liaison Commission of Agricultural Entities (CEEA) is made up of the Rural Society, Agrarian Federation, Rural Confederations and Coninagro.

Nicolás Pino, president of the Argentine Rural Society, pointed out: “We summoned the entire productive, agro-industrial chain of the sector, and after a very rich day we have prepared a document entitled: Concerned, with a common vision and united so that Argentina grow back.”

They pointed out that they are “fully committed and we are key players in the transformation and in the generation of solutions for the development of Argentina. We are living in a historic moment that gives our country an exceptional opportunity that we must not miss. We will continue working to make this a reality”.