More than 17,000 women from all over the country will be selected today in the fifth raffle of the “My Piece” program, whose objective is the expansion and improvement of homes in popular neighborhoods throughout the country, an initiative of the Ministry of Social Development that in its previous editions have already benefited 156,000 women.

Until last July, more than 365 women had registered for this program that as of today will add 173,000 beneficiaries but that implies improving the housing of more than 700,000 people, of which 350,000 are children and adolescents.

“With Mi Piece, the women of the neighborhoods can carry out works in their homes that improve the quality of life of their families and, in turn, be part of a historical policy for the neighborhoods of Argentina” explained Fernanda Miño, head of the Socio-Urban Integration Secretariat (SISU), which reports to the Ministry of Social Development.

It is worth mentioning that since the program began a year ago, it is estimated that almost 98% of the selected women, in the first four draws, have already started or finished the works in their homes.

Once the draw has been made, the beneficiaries will first collect 50% of the money and the remaining 50% after validating the progress of the work through a cell phone application. Meanwhile, those who do not complete the progress of the work will be disabled for new lines of economic assistance.

Enrollees who passed all the validations of requirements established in the bases and conditions, and who have not been selected in previous raffles, will participate in this fifth draw that will be broadcast by Public TV.