In a report where nothing was left unsaid, the prosecutor who investigates the most resonant cause of recent times spoke with Alejandra García Krizanec in Full Version, where he reviewed from that June 6 of this year that the first complaint by a person outside the hospital.

The Full Version program is broadcast every Monday at 7:00 p.m. on Channel C and on Flow on Channel 540. Alejandra García Krizanec spoke with the prosecutor about all the axes of the case, including what happened with the three exhumations of dead babies.

Let us remember that in one of the programs at the end of October, the mothers of the deceased children were present, all together for the first time in a television program. “We believe in justice and I think that Brenda is responsible but I am also convinced that there are more responsibilities without a doubt” said Vanessa Cáceres Bruno, mother of Francisco, who died on March 18 last and his remains were exhumed this week.

When asked about what stage the investigation is going through, Garzón said that: “Numerous measures need to be reviewed. That is why I tell you that there are a couple more months to go before it can be closed. But record this, the truth will be revealed, the entire scenario will be closed” he assured in the interview.

As for the movie “The angel of Death” which has had a significant impact worldwide, Garzón commented: “It has similarities with the Neonatal Cause, but it did not impact me”. He also referred to the Attorney General’s Office, the rest of the defendants, the voices of the opposition in politics and the presence of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team in the exhumations.

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