As reported from the Secretary of Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection of the provinceThe fire season, which usually began in May, was brought forward this year in Córdoba due to scant rainfall and early frosts that dry out the vegetation.

That is why, given the extreme risk present, prevention tasks began in advance by Secretariat personnel, who provide residents with a series of recommendations.

To prevent possible fires, it is forbidden to light a fire throughout the provincial territory and at any time of the year, and they request to be careful before the probable generation of sparks through work tools.

They also indicated that attention should be paid to intelligent and systematic controls in risk areas, to the brochures delivered by members of the rural police, firefighters and the Technical Catastrophe Action Team (ETAC), and also pay attention to possible columns of smoke .

The head of the Secretariat for Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection, Claudio Vignette, said “Once we have the first frost of the year, the start of the forest fire season is determined. This first frost of February was totally productive for the fires. In some sectors we will have extreme risk and in others very high,” Vignetta differentiated.

In turn, he explained that in recent weeks there have been fires in some parts of the province, “which is very rare in this season of the year”, he stressed. It should be remembered that frosts dry the vegetation.

In addition to surveying risk areas, the Secretariat works on prevention tasks, since 98% of the fires of 2022 were generated by man. “Some intentionally and some accidentally”indicated vignetteadding that more than 50% of the fires last year occurred in the plains of the province.

He also assured that it will be the longest fire risk season, although it remains to be seen how March behaves, “If there is rain, it will not be a difficult month, although the material will continue to be in combustible conditions.”

In the presence of fire, contact the emergency lines: 0800 – 888 – 38346 (FIRE) – 911 Police – 100 Firefighters. If the fire has already spread, DO NOT try to act without the guidance of professionals.