In the final stretch of the allegations in the trial against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for alleged irregularities in the adjudication of national road public works in Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015, the FIU (Financial Information Unit) did not accuse the vice president, nor the businessman Lázaro Báez and others accused of fraud in public works.

The lawyers Irachet and Ventura in the pleading stage before the Federal Oral Court 2 pointed out that “the acquittal for fraud corresponds” and that “The colloquium deepened the doubts and weakened the certainty, leaving the accusation orphaned in this sense”, criticizing the task of the experts who analyzed a sample of 5 of the 51 road works under suspicion.

In that sense, they expressed after an expert opinion, which said that “there was no overpricing”, “Therefore neither the official expertise nor that of the prosecution could reverse its foundations”.

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“It has not been possible to sustain,” the lawyers pointed out, after analyzing the statements of “the experts” regarding those also made by the Supreme Court of Justice. “These doubts prevent us from being certain of the overpricing,” they stated, for which reason they ruled out that accusation and that is an “essential element” of the accusation.

The FIU “has the need to be objective”, they justified themselves, and for this reason it said that “doubts have remained” about the work of the experts. “The damage is ruled out, which is a criminal type of money laundering,” they pointed out, and criticized the previous management of the FIU during the macrismo. “When in doubt, it would be irresponsible to advance an accusation,” they concluded.

Source: NA