President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Juan Zabaleta, announced a 50% increase in the Food Benefit. This government plan is received by 2.4 million main beneficiaries and reaches 4.1 million people. The increase corresponds to the April payment and will be charged in the first days of May. They also detailed that it will be deposited in the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) account.

The new amounts will remain at $9,000 for families with a son or daughter up to 14 years of age or with a disability; $13,500 in the case of families that have two sons or daughters in the same age group or with disabilities; $9,000 for those receiving the pregnancy allowance; and $18,000 in the case of families with three or more children under fourteen years of age.

The Food Card is an initiative of the national government as part of the Argentina Plan against Hunger that, since January 2020, seeks to guarantee Argentine families access to the basic food basket. It is granted to mothers or fathers with sons and daughters up to 14 years of age who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), pregnant women from the third month who receive AUH, people with disabilities who receive AUH and mothers with more than 7 children .

Source: Telam