Currently there are endless streaming platforms to watch movies and series, although most are paid. As for the applications that are free, some of them usually have very slow servers or poor quality videos. However, there is an application that is similar to the most popular ones such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, among others, but that does not have any cost for the user.

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We are talking about Pluto TV, a free app where you can watch more than 100 channels of movies and series. It offers a wide catalog that includes numerous genres, themes and different content for all ages. Pluto TV has a simple interface and is organized into three tabs: Live TV, On Demand and Search. In addition, it allows you to view the content directly or watch it at any time, thanks to the fact that it also has a video on demand (VOD) section, which you can access simply by clicking on the On Demand tab that appears in the center of the bottom bar of the app.

In addition, it has a search engine in which you can find specific content. The Pluto TV app is also available for download on Android phones.