The Free University of the Environment will dictate different diplomas in environmental training. The Diploma in Environmental Education is taught on Tuesdays and will run until November, students work on issues related to the environment, society, culture, nature, sustainable development, ODS and climate change, among others.

As of June 1, the Diploma in Landscaping will be dictated, which will be dictated in two modalities: one face-to-face, on Thursdays in two shifts, and another virtual, on Wednesdays. Knowledge about planimetry, color, construction, lighting, aesthetics and technology on exterior design will be provided.

Another proposal is the Diploma in Environmental Law, it is free and virtual. The agenda includes protected natural areas, legal framework, native forests, criminal sanctions, public policies, socio-environmental conflicts and circular economy, among other issues.

In addition, the Universidad Libre de Ambiente will dictate different free seminars: “Biological treatment of waste in the soil” (virtual, June 1), “Local and/or regional environmental management policies” (face-to-face, June 3) and “El railway, Preferred Means of Transport in the Sogama System” (virtual, June 10), in addition to the face-to-face course “Photovoltaic Systems: operation and sizing” (begins June 21).

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