Two senators representing the Front of All, Juliana Di Tullio and José Mayans, presented a bill called “Income Reinforcement Law to reduce indigence”, and provides for a monthly payment of $15,057 to people who are below the line of poverty according to the INDEC. It seeks to guarantee “access to adequate food for people who are in a situation of extreme vulnerability.”

The amount is the equivalent of a basic food basket for an adult calculated by the Indec as of June 2022. Likewise, the project establishes that the amount be updated quarterly.

What are the bases of the project?

• According to estimates by Senator Di Tullio, this policy is expected to reach 1.7 million adults who would be able to access the booster. This universe includes the group of adults who not only do not have a registered job, but also do not receive any benefit, retirement, social plan and do not have assets in their name.

• They will be able to register women between 25 and 59 years old and men between 25 and 64. Thus, it seeks to cover the age group that is not reached by other social programs, understanding that people who fall outside that range can access AUH and Progresar or have already reached retirement age and therefore it is presumed that they have covered the basic food basket

• The benefit would not be permanent, but rather establishes its delivery for one year with the possibility of renewal as soon as it is verified that the person’s living conditions continue to be the same.

• Plans to promote the incorporation of beneficiaries into formal employment through coordination with companies and sectors of economic activity.

The initiative has the support “of the National Executive Power through Anses and the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation,” the officials explained.

With information from Infobae