The interbloc of national senators of the Frente de Todos described today as “political” the ruling issued by the Supreme Court of Justice that revoked the parliamentary decree that divided the ruling bloc for the appointment of a representative before the Council of the Judiciary.

“Today’s was a new political ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice that represents a clear conflict of powers between the Judicial and Legislative Powers,” the pro-government senators stressed in a statement.

“The ruling is inapplicable because the Court cannot decide or intervene in the conformation of the blocs within the Senate. On the other hand, Judge (Horacio) Rosatti cannot rule on an issue in which he is judge and party, since he himself presides over the Council of the Judiciary,” they pointed out.

Therefore, the members of the blocks of national senators and senators of the National and Popular Front and Citizen Unity called a press conference to be held tomorrow at 12 in the Hall of the Provinces of the Upper House.

The Court annulled on Tuesday the appointment of Kirchnerist senator Martín Doñate as a member of the Judicial Council and cleared the way for Luis Juez to take his place.

The ruling, signed by judges Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz and Juan Carlos Maqueda, gave rise to the amparo action initiated by the national senator of Together for Change Luis Juez and annulled Doñate’s appointment, which had been signed by the president of the Senate, Cristina Kirchner.