The girl from the Vatican is the new Netflix docuseries that follows in the footsteps of a resounding case that had great relevance in the world and that was forgotten over the years. Mafia, money laundering, sexual crimes, secret codes, conspiracies, terrorism and espionage are some of the topics that the new Netflix project touches on.

The series tells the story of Emanuela Orlandi who disappears in 1983 without a trace. As it was the daughter of an employee who worked in Vatican City, Ercole Orlandi, the disappearance of the minor quickly became a disturbing and unprecedented mystery within the Holy See.

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The case took on great relevance, especially when such controversial and important figures as John Paul II himself were involved. The now Pope Francis also appears on the scene, finally opening one more door in this mysterious case that begins to involve the mafia, the KGB, the cold war and even a man who tried to assassinate the Pope in 1981.

Watch the trailer here: