This Tuesday, after the second meeting between the Ministry of Internal Trade and the United Supermarkets Association (ASU), it was announced that the prices of 580 products that registered excessive increases in recent weeks will be rolled back as of this Wednesday. These will return to the values ​​in force as of March 10.

The information was given through a statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Trade, in which it stated that “the large supermarket chains throughout the country promised to roll back as of tomorrow the prices that Internal Trade had detected with excessive increases from the surveys that the Secretariat carries out on a daily basis, both in person and based on the Argentine Electronic Price Advertising System (SEPA)”

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The products selected for this measure correspond to the items food, cleaning and personal hygiene.

On the other hand, the Secretariat observed that some companies “are prioritizing the supply to local businesses over supermarkets, thus attacking the + Care Prices program, which works in large chains throughout the country. These companies would be operating ” against the establishment of a regulated basket, which works as an anti-inflationary anchor,” according to the official agency.