After the announcement of “a war against inflation” by the national government that seeks to stop the incessant increase in food prices, the cabinet did not rule out the possibility of creating a national food company.

This was anticipated by the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, who admitted that they are analyzing similar cases that have occurred in other countries; “The creation of a national food company such as exists in Bolivia for production, distribution and marketing is not ruled out, as a way to avoid price increases due to shortages and speculation,” warned the official.

The minister explained that a stabilization fund with the Central Market is also being considered, although the measure is also “under study”, and in the meantime the Government would be considering the experiences in other countries with national food companies, as is the case of Bolivia.

According to information published by the site, a draft of the project is already circulating with the aim of creating the company “Alimentos Argentinos” to “favor families’ access to accessible, varied and nutritious food, produced in the country in conditions of sustainability, respecting the cultural and preferred diversities of the population”.

If the project prospers, the new national company will depend on the Ministry of Internal Trade, currently directed by Roberto Feletti.

The first article of the project indicates that the company “will have the purpose of carrying out, on its own account or through strategic association with third parties, the production, manufacture, fractionation, distribution, commercialization and industrialization of food products in the Argentine Republic.”

It also establishes that “the implementation of strategic commercial links with small and medium-sized producers that represent the regional economies of the entire country” will be promoted.

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