The multiple quotes of the dollar and its new variants, that in the case of the “Qatar Dollar” includes an extra 100% tax on those who buy trips abroadgenerated a series of reactions both from the National Government and in the behavior of the “blue” currency.

This Thursday in Córdoba, the informal dollar is available at $288 for purchase and $294 for sale. Meanwhile, in the Federal Capital it is trading at $291, always somewhat lower than in the interior of the country.

The person who referred to this was the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, who at a press conference said: “I don’t know where they get the statement that people turn to the blue dollar. The truth is that the blue or illegal dollar has movements. many conferences that didn’t ask me why I was going down, they wait for me to go up to ask me… The blue dollar goes up and down, and It is not something that is currently a concern of the Government“.

In addition, Cerruti mentioned that “We do not understand that there is any uncertainty or concern on the part of investors, who are investing a lot. Argentina is in a moment of growth in which foreign investments arrive and Argentine investments are developed,” he added in the same answer. “The numbers show us that we are growing in all the items we measure: in investments, in production, in installed industrial capacity, in registered work. And we have very low unemployment figures,” he completed.

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