Two years after the confinement was decreed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government once again updated the recommendations and care to avoid new infections. Among the most surprising points of Resolution 705/2022, published this Friday in the Official Gazette, is the elimination of the mandatory social distancing of two meters.

As expressed in the letter of the document signed by the head of the Health portfolio, Carla Vizzotti, the “general care recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 and other acute respiratory diseases” were updated.

The regulations establish “continue with the proper use of the chinstrap in interior spaces, including work, educational, social areas and public transport.” In this way, the Ministry of Health differentiated itself from the city government, which since March 18 annulled the mandatory use of a chinstrap in schools and on public roads.

Another care that still persists is the ventilation of environments, proper and frequent hand hygiene, as well as the indication to cough and sneeze on the elbow crease.

Likewise, another of the measures that was left without effect within the protocol to prevent Covid – 19 is “the obligation to self-report symptoms in the ‘Cuidar’ application”. In other words, citizens will be exempt from carrying out the self-diagnosis of the Cuidar app.

On the other hand, in reference to labor relations, the portfolio led by Vizzotti indicated that to determine the modality of provision of labor services -face-to-face or remote-, it is recommended to carry out “an individual medical risk assessment with its corresponding certification, without their mere belonging to risk groups being enough”.