The National Government turned for tomorrow the announcement that was made in the Official Gazette about the mega Decree of Necessity and Urgency 829, with an Annex of 628 pages that includes the expansion of the authorization of expenses for the last days of December in $1.53 trillion. This is the fourteenth budget modification of 2022.

The explanation for such an exorbitant increase, taking into account that there are only a few days left before the end of the year, has its origin in the acceleration of inflation throughout the second semester. From the Executive Power they explained that this new increase is necessary to be able to “incorporate the impact of the best ones in the remunerations provided by legal regulations” during this year.

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The norm was signed by the President of the Nation Alberto Fernández and the full cabinet of ministers: Juan Luis Manzur, Eduardo Enrique de Pedro, Santiago Andrés Cafiero, Jorge Enrique Taiana, Sergio Tomás Massa, Diego Alberto Giuliano, Gabriel Nicolás Katopodis, Martín Ignacio Soria, Aníbal Domingo Fernández, Carla Vizzotti, Victoria Tolosa Paz, Ximena Ayelén Mazzina Guiñazú, Jaime Perczyk, Tristán Bauer, Daniel Fernando Filmus, Raquel Cecilia Kismer, Juan Cabandie, Matías Lammens and Santiago Alejandro Maggiotti.

The official text established an item of $69,802,050,728 for the payment of pension debts recognized in court for retirees and pensioners of the Armed Forces and Security Forces, including the Federal Penitentiary Service. In addition, it allocated $72,577,242,261 as budget credit for transfers to provincial pension funds of the National Social Security Administration (Anses).